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Normandy 75 journal

Spirit of Normandy Front Cover

The Official Spirit of Normandy
75th Anniversary Journal

Horizon Publications Limited, in partnership with Award Productions, medallists to the Royal British Legion, have been commissioned to produce on behalf of the Spirit of Normandy Trust (formerly The Normandy Veterans Association), the Official 75th Anniversary Souvenir Journal: A tribute and dedication to those who secured peace in Europe.

Headed by Her Majesty the Queen the Journal reflects on those great deeds of 75 years ago.

Contributors include

UK Chief of Defence Staff General Sir Nicholas Carter

Canadian Chief of Defence Staff General Jonathan Vance
general vance

‘This impressive journal is a collection of an impressive array of messages and interesting articles. It pays the tribute we owe to all brave soldiers, sailors and aviators who fought on D-Day, for the freedom we can enjoy today. It will remain a special publication to me.’
General Jonathan Vance

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford
general dunford

The Journal looks amazing sir, thank you for the opportunity
to work with you and the team. I hope all of the events went smoothly
.’ General Joseph Dunford

French Chief of Defence Staff General Fran├žois Lecointre
general lecointre

German Chief of Defence Staff Eberhard Zorn
general zorn

For more information about the Spirit of Normandy Trust visit:

Download the Journal in PDF format here